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For most of our automation projects we are doing virtual commisioning of the installed robotic cells. In terms to have maximum precision and error free process we are using two softwares for virtual simulation in our work.
Sprutcam Robot X 16

1. Sprutcam robot - a software for offline simulation and programming of CNC machines and robots. This unique CAD/CAM package was really well developed and improved over the years. At the moment it can be used for robotic programming not only for milling, but also for robotic welding, hot wire cutting, painting, sandind/polishing, pick and place and machine tending. It is intuitive and easy to use software with a lot of tutorials and how-to tips and tricks. All available machine kinematics and postprocessors are free to use.

You can download your full featured trial version for free at www.sprutcam.com and check for yourself.

As an autorised dealer we are ready to help you better understand it's full capability via phone or Teamviewer, Viber etc.

Sprutcam Robot welding simulation

Kuka Sim Pro

  2. Kuka Sim Pro - simulation software provided by KUKA, which allows full production cell simulations, including conveyor belts, grippers, sensors, IO signals ect. Not only this but you also can connect live to an existing robotic system via Kuka OfficeLite (included with Kuka Sim Pro package) and program it directly from your PC.

You can write to us if you want to try out Kuka Sim Pro and as an official KUKA System partner we are ready to help!

Kuka.Sim Pro simulation

If you have any questions regarding a project or are interested in what type of automated installations would be suitable for your company, feel free to contact us.

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