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Welding system with KUKA KR30/2 robot, KUKA KRC2-ED05 controller and Fronius TPCi 500 inverter unit

The solution offered by BG Robots is a specially designed and precisely configured welding system according to customer requirements, which includes:

1. High-performance robot KUKAKR30/2;
2. KUKA KRC2-ED05 controller;
3. KUKA welding process programming and control software;
4. Inverter device Fronius TPSi 500 with additional pulse mode;

This is the first robot that ITT Austria - Cherven Bryag implements in its production. It is intended to serve three work tables. The popular mid-range model KR30/2 has proven to be an excellent choice for welding operations. Its exceptional precision is ensured by two of KUKA's leading software platforms for intelligent welding control - ArcTech and TouchSense.

Installation of a KUKA KR30-3 welding system with a Fronius TPS 400i welding source

Easy configuration and programming with KUKA.ArcTech

KUKA.ArcTech software can turn any KUKA industrial robot into a highly efficient welding solution. By combining optional function modules, users conveniently and intuitively create and manage various welding applications with a focus on impeccable quality and accuracy.

The platform includes a rich set of commands and clearly structured menus that allow optimal control over the process. The addition of practical status buttons in the interface of the popular KUKA smartPAD terminal makes it possible to easily configure not only the robot, but also the welding source, including in operating mode.

The system contains a library of preset profiles of all popular welding machines on the market to ensure the seamless integration of products from different manufacturers into a single solution with optimal performance.

Precision in arc welding with KUKA.TouchSense

KUKA.TouchSense is an innovative software tool developed specifically for arc welding applications. It is designed to detect and compensate for any deviations in the shape and position of the parts to ensure a perfect match between the weld and the contour programmed into the system.

The platform allows the robot to locate the required workpieces, areas or segments of the seam using a sensor integrated in the torch or an external one. The rich assortment of functions, status buttons and built-in programming templates, as well as the possibilities to flexibly connect many different sensors to the system, make KUKA.TouchSense an optimal solution for intelligent welding control.

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