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Welding robot, with apparatus from Megmett - Artsen Plus PR and two polishing robots

Sonico is a company engaged in the production of metal products.

Our company has implemented two automated systems:

1. Welding robot, with apparatus from Megmett - Artsen Plus PR. The system is used to weld metal poles for grounding. The process is automated, working on two tables, turning the parts. Consistency of results and efficiency increase of more than 4 times was achieved. The pulse welding mode solves the problem of cleaning the parts before galvanizing.

2. Two polishing robots working on a common rotary table with eight positions for placing workpieces for processing.

Polishing is a process that removes lint and other particles, making it unsuitable for manual work. Robotization of the process also helps to achieve a better surface and increased productivity.

The details of the installed systems are as follows:
1. One KUKA KR16-2 welding robot with KRC2 ed05 control, outsourced control panel by unqualified personnel with start and stop buttons. Welding machine Megmeet Artsen Plus 400PR.

2. Two polishing robots, models KUKA KR210 L150, KRC2ed05 control with Arel spindle with automatic tool change, air cooling. Eight-position rotary table from Fibrotor with Lenze motor and high positioning precision.

3. Siemens S7 1200 PLC system with touch display, which controls the polishing processes and the synchronization of the robots.

The welding processes are in Pulse mode - this minimizes the need for subsequent cleaning of the welded parts before galvanizing, simultaneously increasing the quality of the weld.
The polishing robots have spindles with automatic change - they change the necessary tool independently according to the set process.
The rotary table allows the replacement of finished parts and the placement of new ones simultaneously with the polishing process.

The precision in the positioning of the welding parts and the compensation of the possible displacement of the welding part is achieved by oscillating movements during welding - KUKA ArcTech welding software is used.

If you have any questions regarding a project or are interested in what type of automated installations would be suitable for your company, feel free to contact us.

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