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Robotic grinding/polishing smoothes surfaces with various tools attached to the robot flange, creating a clean, smooth and perfectly finished product.  

It doesn't matter if you are dealing with small objects or large surfaces, the robotic sanding process can achieve a well-finished product from a variety of materials and shapes prior to painting or post-processing as a next manufacturing step.

Grinding robots can be paired with additional software and hardware to allow them to "sense" and "see" their environment and work details. This ability to see and feel - with machine vision and pressure sensing devices - enhances the technical capabilities of robots and improves the overall utility of their use.

These capabilities allow for easier adaptation to different surfaces, part variations, sizes, locations and material consistencies. Robotic automation is constantly adapting and evolving at rapid speeds to meet customer needs. This makes integrating a robotic sanding/polishing system the ideal solution for your surface finishing needs.


Robotis system where the robot holds the detail

Robotic system with a spindle


A typical grinding or polishing system consists of:

  • robot manipulator with sufficient reach

  • rotary positioner with the required number of jigs for details,

  • a set of polishing tools according to different types of details

  • managing control PLC system for the various programs

  • spindle with speed control

  • aspiration system for capturing the separated particles

A robotic system where the robot holds a part that it feeds sequentially to different machines. Structure:

  • robot with a gripper

  • disc or belt sanders/polishers

  • feed system for the parts

  • output system for finished parts

  • control PLC system for synchronizing the robot with other machines and sensors

  • aspiration system for removal of dust particles

So, if you are interested to hear more about our offers for robot sanding, contact us and we will give you more information.

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