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We offer CAD/CAM services, engineering and design, high quality 3d scannning and more


The company has a fully equipped workshop for prototyping and development of new products.

We can offer services with the following machines:

  • high-precision 3D scanner with a resolution of 0.01 mm. Can be used mobile.

  • CNC router with a working area of ​​2500 by 1300 mm for wood and soft materials

  • CNC machine with a working area of ​​600 by 600 mm for metal

  • CO2 laser 180W with working area 1300 by 900mm

  • Fiber laser 3KW with working area 1300 by 900mm

  • Milling robot with the ability to work with details up to 10 meters long

  • Welding robot equipped with a Fronius TPS 500i device

If you have any questions regarding a project or are interested in what type of automated installations would be suitable for your company, feel free to contact us.

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