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Mixxa is a company engaged in the production of animal food and supplements. A KUKA KR210 robot with a KRC2 control cabinet, a 25kg BGR GP60P bag gripper, a conveyor with a calibrator and a Siemens S7 1200 PLC with a touch display were installed.


Mixxa is a company engaged in the production of animal food and supplements.

BG ROBOTS developed a system for automatic calibration of the bags from the packaging machine and their palletization at two stations with pallets. Several different products are palletized, which requires the use of a PLC system.

KUKA KR210 robot with KRC2 control cabinet, BGR GP60P 25kg bag gripper, conveyor with calibrator and PLC Siemens S7 1200 with touch display are installed.

The conveyor takes the sacks from the packaging machine and feeds them to the starting position of the robot. The robot arranges the pallets according to the set program to the PLC system and stops when filling a pallet, waiting for a signal from an operator to continue work.

Several types of different products are produced - with different weights and densities.

The working environment is very dusty and causes the bags to slip on the standard roller track surface. For this reason, it was necessary to search for a solution and a new material for the rollers.

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