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Special gripper with a 7.5KW milling spindle and robot KUKA KR210-2

Decibel is a company producing sound insulation and acoustic solutions

For this project, we developed a fully automated system where the robot picks the raw panel from a pallet, calibrating it on a pneumatically assisted table. After calibration, the robot starts the spindle and is executing the special milling process.

When the workpiece is finished, the robot picks up the panel again, turn it over on a separate station, and put it on a pallet for the next step.

Automatic system for pick, place and mill of sheets

Robotic system description:

The system consists of one robot KUKA KR210-2 with krc2 ed05 controller, specially designed pneumatic gripper with a spindle holder with spindle AREL 7.5 KW, 6 vacuum cups, and energy efficient vacuum generator with blow function from SMC, pneumatic calibrating and work-holding table with 8 vacuum cups and vacuum generator from SMC.

The operator is starting the robot from a simple control panel with only a few knobs, so no special training is needed.

In addition, we designed and produced a workpiece turning station for the finished pieces to help the next process.

The system was put in place of two CNC machines and two workers, where the process was slow - the workers had to move the workpieces between the CNC machines by hand and to palletize and depalletize as well.

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