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Alcomet is the largest Bulgarian producer of aluminum rolled and pressed products, working with companies like BMW. One robot is installed, a gripper attached to it for working with two workpieces and two conveyors
BG Robots developed and implemented robotization of process for feeding aluminum parts to a nut pressing machine. Apart from that, we also designed and manufactured the feeding conveyors to the robot itself.

The work process included the installation of one robot, a gripper to it (with a gripper from the Gimatic company) for working with two workpieces, two conveyors for feeding pads, from which the robot takes the workpieces for processing and places the finished workpieces. 

Machine tending robot

 The robot and conveyors are controlled by a PLC system that monitors and coordinates the processes and stages of work. Not only the process of loading the machine and picking up the finished parts is programmed, but also the removal of defective parts from a separate conveyor.

The challenges in this project were the precise positioning of the part in the machine, the careful and quick insertion and removal of the parts without scratching, the uniform positioning of the conveyor pads and synchronized operation with the nut driver.

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