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Automatic palletizing and foiling system with robot KR140 R3200-2 PA and specialized gripper

Dairy Food is a Bulgarian dairy company based in Sevlievo.

The solution is based on the proven model of the German robot manufacturer KUKA KR 140 R3200 PA-2 and the latest KUKA controller – KRC5.

The system, specially developed for the purposes of the company, includes a customized pneumatic gripper with a design for working with two cartons, as well as:

1. Automatic feeding machine for pallets with a capacity of 15 pallets;
2. Conveyor system for transporting the finished pallets;
3. Automatic foiling machine.

The high-speed robotic solution processes one carton in 4 seconds and takes 5 minutes and 50 seconds to process an entire pallet.

Automatic palletizing and foiling system with robot KR140 R3200-2 PA and specialized gripper

KR 140 R3200-2 PA – fast and productive

The KR 140 R3200-2 PA robot from KUKA features high speed and performance in dynamic applications. The model has a nominal load capacity of 140 kg, but with a lower center of gravity and appropriate organization of additional loads, it can reliably handle up to 180 kg.

The 5-axis system, designed for floor mounting, has a deep working range of 3195 mm and high repeatability (± 0.07 mm). Its own weight is approximately 1017 kg, and the necessary space for deployment in the workshop is 754 x 754 mm, company experts add.

The KR 140 R3200-2 PA can operate in a wide range of operating temperatures from 0° to 55°C and has a high degree of protection for the handpiece and wrist IP65 (according to the requirements of the IEC 60529 standard).

KR C5 – a combination of reliable hardware and intelligent software

Compact and with low energy consumption, the KR C5 saves valuable space and resources and increases the energy efficiency of robotic systems. It is an excellent solution for implementation in heterogeneous automation architectures. Its software supports almost all applications of its predecessor KR C4, adding new ones with an emphasis on profitability, adds the manufacturer.

Among the advantages of the new controller are easy installation and integration in control cabinets, advanced control capabilities, diverse interface options (Ethernet and digital I/O modules) for connecting to IT, OT, and cloud platforms, as well as high scalability.

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