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Elica Yard is a company that manufactures yachts and catamarans. The installed robots are used for digital production of models, prototypes, details, etc.

The robots at Elica Yard are used for the digital fabrication of models, prototypes, details, etc., necessary for the construction of yachts. Milling with robots allows the production of complex large-sized parts (up to 14-16 meters) at an acceptable price and with good accuracy.

Two robots equipped with HSD spindles with automatic tool change, with the robots moving on linear positioners. Each system has a pneumatic tool cabinet for automatic milling tool change.

Robots are used for milling large-sized parts. They are pre-programmed on a 3D model with Sprutcam Robot software - one of the best systems on the market. Sprutcam allows precise programming of robot paths and detailed simulation of the milling process.

The challenge in this project was to position the two robots so that they could simultaneously work on one large part. The pre-design and testing of the entire system in Sprutcam was an indispensable tool in this project.

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