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Automatic system for gluing mirrors on furniture boards with a KUKA KR150 robot. 

Forma Ideale is a company located in Kragujevac, Serbia, and is one of the largest furniture companies in Eastern Europe, a leader in its industry in the Balkans.

We were selected, together with our partners from Giga Automata and Mabak, for the company's first automation project, and our task was to achieve 0.2mm accuracy when gluing mirrors on furniture boards.

Mirror gluing system on furniture boards with a KUKA KR150 robot

The system we developed consists of a KR150 L110-2 robot with a KRC2 ed05 controller, equipped with a gripper with 11 independent suction cups with vacuum generators, allowing the gripping of over 200 workpieces of different sizes.

The system contains a sensor that automatically detects the mirrors arriving on the conveyor and a calibration table for fine-tuning the position of the parts being placed.

The second part of the system consists of four conveyors for transporting the furniture boards, sensors to coordinate the automated loading of these boards, as well as a calibration conveyor that positions the board before gluing the parts.

The system thus created, in addition to speeding up the work process several times, allows an accuracy of 0.2 mm when placing the mirrors, with a tolerance of 1 mm until now when placing them by hand.

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