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First May is a company engaged in the production of sunflower seed and coriander products. KUKA KR210 robot with L150 KRC2 ed05 controller, BGR GP60P gripper, conveyor with calibration roller and Siemens S7 1200 PLC system with touch display installed


A palletizing system is installed that takes the pellet sacks from the packing machine and calibrates them for thickness. The system includes a KUKA KR210 robot with an L150 KRC2 ed05 controller, which takes the bags from the conveyor and arranges them on two pallets, stacking up to 12 rows high. The two pallets are taken via two conveyors outside the perimeter of the robot and picked up by a forklift.

In addition to the robot, a BGR GP60PN gripper, a conveyor with a calibration roller, a Siemens S7 1200 PLC system with a touch display that manages the palletizing processes and two discharge conveyors are also installed.

Palletizing robot

The PLC controller program allows correction of all palletizing parameters, showing in real time which bag, row and pallet is currently being loaded. This helps the operator to restore the process in the event of an outage, which could occur due to the frequent fluctuations in electricity in the area.

The speed of palletizing reaches 60 tons per day. Different bag thicknesses are compensated, stacking consistency is achieved.

Detailed programming is done in such a way that in the event of a power failure, palletizing can continue unimpeded. The system allows adjusting the placement height of the first row of the pallet if needed, because we found a large difference in height between different lots of pallets.

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