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Automated welding cell with two robots, welding machines from Fronius and Megmeet, linear positioner 12 meters and rotary positioner

Sin Cars is a car and electric car manufacturing company.

The project includes an automated welding cell with two robots, welding machines from Fronius and Megmeet, a linear positioner 12 meters and a rotary positioner from KUKA.

The line is for automated welding of the chassis of Sin Kars electric cars, as well as for additional details.
We also installed an additional station with a welding robot with a rotary positioner and a Fronius welding machine with the ability to weld in a continuous cycle.

The installation consists of three robots in total, one of them has a quick changer (from Gimatic) and can also work as a milling robot.

The welding process is automated, with the parts being loaded manually.
The entire system is managed by a Siemens PLC controller - model S7 1200, which monitors the stages of work and synchronizes the actions of the two robots.
After the welding process is completed, the finished part is placed on a pallet and taken out for further processing.

Full synchronization of the two robots and positioners was required, checking for displacement of parts during welding - we use KUKA Touch Sense software.
KUKA ArcTech Pro is used for the welding process.

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