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The robotic palletizer can process one or more units at a time depending on the configuration of the pallets and form multiple layers on a pallet after picking up the products from the conveyor. Robotic palletizing solutions can easily accommodate different pallet models and product types.
One of the main manufacturing processes for automation and robotics is product packaging along with palletizing.
These tasks are emerging in every industry and are characterized by increasing efficiency, eliminating the need for manual work.

BG ROBOTS develops special palletizers tailored to the specific product, as well as to the customer's needs or to the limitations arising, for example, from the spatial conditions of assembly or specific properties of the part.

Our robotics can palletize or depalletize products from most industries. Specialized 5-axis and 4-axis palletizing robots have a positive effect on lower robotization costs, the ends of the packaging line.

Well-designed and implemented solutions enable a significant increase in production efficiency, eliminating the bottlenecks that are often the palletizing and packaging areas. Robots can perform various tasks in the packaging station, e.g. collecting pallets and separators, collecting and formatting product layers on a pallet. Furthermore, changing the shape of the pallet or changing the collective packaging need only change the execution schedule. While retrofitting a classic machine requires downtime for technical staff to modify and replace formatting elements. Using an automatic packaging and palletizing solution, we are able to achieve the nominal capacity of the production machines.


The elements of the main packaging and palletizing station are:
  • robot or multi-axis manipulator,
  • a manager dedicated to working with a specific product,
  • product stacking / palletizing area,
  • pallet dispenser,
  • separators dispenser,
  • protective fence,
  • conveyors for introducing products to the station (e.g. conveyor),
  • finished product/pallet transport system outside the station,
  • automation, pneumatics and safety systems.

So, if you are interested to hear more about our offers for palletizing robots, contact us and we will give you more information.

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