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CAM Software solution for your manufacturing needs.

Sprutcam is a software for CNC programming and covers all machine types - from standard 3 axis machines to complex 12 axis custom built machines.

One of the most successful strategies of the Sprutcam team is the implementation of the offline programming for industrial robots module.

Sprutcam allows the robot programmer to use the full industrial robot capabilities at a very attractive price, compared to the top used robot programming packages - Robotmaster, Eureka, Roboguide, RobotWorks, KUKA.cnc, Powermill Robot Interface and so on - without any compromise with the toolpath quality.

In the same software there is not only a fully equipped CAM option - 2D, 3D, 5D and 6D toolpath strategies, but also perfectly designed modules specifically for robots in the last version Sprutcam 10 - robot welding, laser cutting, additive strategy, multiaxis milling, 6D knife cutting and so on. And of course advanced robots module to check for collision, singularities, reach of the machine, axis limits, etc.


That gives the industrial robots a whole new world - with one machine you can do lots of operations - milling, sanding, polishing, cutting, engraving, welding, 3D printing and so on.

This makes the industrial robot hand the ultimate tool - a must have for small design or architectural studios, prototype workshop, fiber glass manufacturers, casting workshops, to work with different materials - metal, wood, plywood, foam, plastics or composites.

The Sprutcam attractive price, combined with the very tempting prices of the second hand industrial robots makes the above mentioned combinations unmatched - not only by their price but for their possibilities.

So, if you are interested to hear more about what you can do with Sprutcam and would like to try it by yourself - contact us and we will give you a fully functional copy for testing.

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